Those Jumpsuits Andre 3000 Showcased At Art Basel Will Now Become T-Shirts You Can Buy….



Well, you went nuts over them during Art Basel and now, Andre 3000 is taking those jumpsuits he displayed at the Mana Village in Wynwood and making them into a t-shirt line inspired by all of those quotes printed on the suits.

It was actually fans who inspired the idea. “People have been asking me where can I get that shirt that says ‘I love big girls,’” the rapper explained to Hard Knock TV. Among the other slogans he wore: “children of the cornbread,” “have you stopped growing?,” “make love not war,” “teacher’s deserve more,” “across cultures, darker people suffer most. why?”​

Even though the jumpsuits were designed by Linda Stokes, 3 Stacks came up with the idea. “It really started off as one message and I continued it from there. They are thoughts I am having, and I’m having fun with it.” He also shared that he’s always had an active role in designing the things he wears on stage. “I don’t have a stylist,” he says. “Style comes from you.”

The biggest question this begs is will the t-shirts be part of a re-launch for Andre’s aughts clothing line Benjamin Bixby? Back in 2012, Andre teased that he’d be reviving the label when he told GQ, “This year and next year there’s going to be a lot of cool things coming from me fashion-wise. Bixby is one of them.” Fingers crossed

Awesomeness. Hopefully this will also mean a little inspiration for Dre to release some music as well.

[via MTV]




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