Graffiti Artist DEMZ Passes Away After Being Hit By Unmarked Police Car In Wynwood During Chase And During Art Basel



“DEMZ” aka Delbert Rodriguez Gutierrez, 21-year-old Miami graffiti artist passed away last night after complications from being hit by Detective Michael Cadavid’s unmarked car in the AM hours of December 5. It all took place in the Wynwood area near NW 5th Avenue and 24th Street. DEMZ was tagging a building when the chase ensued and was subsequently hit by the car and suffered a brain injury.

Well, DEMZ passed away late last night surrounded by family and friends.

“The officer is devastated, and I understand the family is devastated as well,” Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa told the Miami Herald. “It’s unfortunate that the young man tried to run from police.”

Here’s the full statement from Miami Police:

The Miami Fraternal Order of Police has been notified that Mr. Rodriguez has passed away. While this incident is being actively investigated, we look forward in its outcome. Behind every individual who wears a badge, there is a human being. Officer Cadavid has been in close contact with the FOP and continues to pray for Mr. Rodriguez’s family.
No matter how this incident transpired, the focus must be that a life was lost and we must keep his family in prayer throughout this difficult time. The Miami Herald posted a story that I went to the hospital to blame Mr. Rodriguez for his actions and then offered his mother dinner. It is unfortunate that the Miami Herald would twist a situation in order to sell newspapers by attempting to sensationalize a very sensitive time.

I did respond to the hospital on behalf of Officer Cadavid. There was a short discussion about the events that took place. However, I made it clear that wasn’t why I was there. Officer Cadavid wanted the family to know that he was praying for Delbert. His mother was adamant that the police were to blame. I did my best to comfort her and prayed over her son. I did offer to bring food for her and Delbert’s father since I am sure they didn’t want to leave their son’s bedside. Officer Cadavid was doing his job in enforcing the laws of our country. It is unfortunate that this young man lost his life due to his poor decision to run from the police.

Please continue to pray for the family.

[via Miami New Times]


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