PART I – Powerful Photos from yesterday’s #BlackLivesMatter Protest In Midtown – (Photos By Ayo Anderson)



Yesterday, protesters continued to let their voices be heard through Art Basel with a planned protest at 3PM near Midtown and Wynwood.

Ayo Anderson was on the scene to cover the “die-in” with his lens. These are some powerful images that show some strong sentiments against recent cases of police brutality. The picture above is at the intersection of North Miami Avenue and 29th Street.

No matter where you are on the issues of the police related deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner or even Miami’s own Israel “Reefa” Hernandez, you have to respect the power of protest. Without having the ability to do so freely, we might as well be a communist nation as this country’s backbone and founding stem from protest. As long it was kept peaceful, you have to respect I think.

So again, thanks to Ayo Anderson for sending these photos in. Stay tuned for a second set of photos coming later today in a Part II post.

Photos by Ayo Anderson

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