Lineup Analysis Of The Upcoming Life and Death Event During Art Basel

High Res Flyer

High Res Flyer

Earlier this week, we wrote about the upcoming Life and Death event, one of the special events this Basel season with a consistent great lineup. This year is no different with a vibe packed night with Dixon, DJ Tennis, Bob Moses, and more roaring through the night. Miami and people from all over are coming to be there that night and will leave with a night of their lives they will keep forever with them. Below is a preview of some of the sounds you will hear:


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First up is Dixon who will be ready orchestrating the energy the one of a kind night has to offer. With a hometown pride of Berlin, Dixon is no stranger bringing the European style of house music all over with gigs from Italy to San Francisco. Don’t miss your chance to hear what this supplier of heat may be bringing to light up the night. Check out one of his most played hits on soundcloud below.


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DJ Tennis

Another DJ making waves of sound flow into our playlists is DJ Tennis. Pretty familiar with the world and the unique places he has visited as well, DJ Tennis is sure to ring our souls to the infinite beat of his craft. There is no denying that when DJ Tennis has his turn at Grand Central he’ll be dripping sweet sounding honey to Miami and leave us buzzing for more. One of his boiler room sets can be streamed below.


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Bob Moses

Bob Moses is one more power DJ of your next favorite label “Life and Death”. Bob Moses in fact is actually a duo of two likeminded individuals. Since the conception of Bob Moses they have captured the sounds people from all walks of life have danced the night away with. Listen to yourself with his latest drop on soundcloud below.


The fact is Life and Death knows what’s real to our lives and has done a beautiful job in finding the perfect people to bring their force. What we sometimes feel may not be real, but Thursday night life will seem like a dream so don’t fall asleep.

Tickets are going out quick! Click here to get some before they’re gone




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