Marlins Offering Giancarlo Stanton $320 Million…….the biggest contract in sports history?



If it wasn’t for getting popped in the face by a rocket speed fastball, Giancarlo Stanton, 25, could have indeed won this year’s MVP title (fell to the Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw ). And while Giancarlo still has to recover from that injury during the offseason, word is out that the Marlins are offering Stanton the BIGGEST contract in sports history in the range of 12 years for $320 million.

This could be one of three things.

One, the Marlins are genuinely trying to erase their past ways of cheap and ridiculous tactics by actually wanting to lock in their best player to hopefully turn things around for the franchise. 

Two, they’re still using their fuckery and sideways tactics to make it appear that they offered Giancarlo a chance to stay to appease the remaining fans, knowing he’d go elsewhere.

Or three, they’re about to make a Yankees-level type of epic fail in paying someone that much money for a contract that will end in twelve years. TWELVE YEARS. Meaning, anything can happen that can send this investment to hell. Or it can turn out well and we have a Derek Jeter type of player playing for our hometown Marlins. 

Miguel Cabrera (a former Marlins player, *sigh*) currently holds the biggest contract in sports history — 10 years, $292 million, that runs through 2023.

So let’s see how this pans out.

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