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We saw Kat Dahlia a couple weeks ago at the Aloft Doral concert series, but musically, we haven’t heard too much new material. While we wait for this offloading of new music, Kat decided to sit down with Vlad TV for a quick interview to discuss a variety of topics including the story of how her very addicting track “Gangsta” was inspired by 50 Cent’s “Wanksta”. The song was headed towards being a parody record but quickly turn a darker and more autobiographical turn.

“I heard that and I was like ‘Oh, this reminds me of ‘Wanksta.’’ My brother, my older brother is like a total prankster,” Kat Dahlia said. “He did this whole CD of phone call pranks. And then in between the CD he would do stupid, funny covers of Snoop Dogg ‘Gin & Juice.’ And like all this stuff. So, I was like ‘Yo, I should do a parody song to the ‘Wanksta’ thing.’ So whatever, it was just an idea in the back of my head. And then one day—It was just so much was going on in my life. I was picking up the pieces in the relationship. I was picking up the pieces of my life…Everything just started to boil and one day I just sat down and I was just—I had had it.”

“‘Gangsta,’ obviously that was kind of like an autobiographical piece,” she said. “And I talked about my relationship. I talked about my family situations. It was kind of like a therapy for me. Music is always a therapy for me. If there’s nothing going on in my life I’m not really writing. Cause I’m just having a good time…But when I have certain things going on in my life that are just wreaking havoc it’s like I need to release it. And that’s what I always did. The first EP that I put out…All of that was based off of life experiences. I always express it in my music. I always want everything to be real. Telling a story. Telling my story.”

Watch the video interview below…


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