Ultra Music Festival released a statement on Friday in response to the $10 Million lawsuit they face stemming from the trampling of a security guard in March of this year. Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa said the critical injuries Mack suffered could have been avoided if the proper fencing was used.

Here is the full statement from Ultra:

The safety of our event, fans, crew and personnel has always been our number one concern. Despite our best efforts to continue to provide a safe and enjoyable event for our patrons and staff, certain criminal acts will always be beyond our control even though we continue to assure that security is of prime importance. Indeed, we never condone any criminal activities, especially those of a few unlawful gatecrashers whose actions are both illegal and reprehensible.

To further serve our events professional environment, earlier this year event organizers hired Ray Martinez, who recently retired as the Chief of the Miami Beach Police Department, to head security measures. We know Chief Martinez will continue to assure we provide the highest of quality in our approach to the event’s experience. In fact, event organizers and Chief Martinez are presently working with officials from Bayfront Park, the City of Miami Police Department and others to assure that the 2015 event remains at the forefront of successful festivals for all patrons.

We continue to wish Ms. Mack the best for her future and hope she has made a full and complete recovery, but the complaint her lawyers have now filed as part of a lawsuit does not properly recite the facts of the unfortunate accident. Without question, event organizers believe that the incident was caused by illegal actions of unknown third parties for which it is not responsible.

Sh*t just got real for Ultra. And in our opinion, Ultra officials will most likely settle out of court for a lower amount of money. Let’s see how this turns out.

[via Local 10]