PHOTO: That Miami Marlins Fan Behind Home-Plate During The World Series Has Been Revealed…

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This guy is more 305 than all of us combined. In Kansas City, a Miami man has been garnering a bit of attention for blatantly sporting a bright and orange Miami Marlins jersey right behind home plate during the World Series. The man,Β 58-year-old Miami lawyer Laurence Leavy aka “Marlins Man” has been in plain sight of live television cameras.

The sight so rattled the home team that stadium officials allegedly asked him to leave β€” or at least cover up with a Kansas City Royals shirt. They also allegedly offered a private suite if he would move. All to which he said “no.” We’re talking about seats that are about $8,000 each so you can bet your last dollar Laurence has #zerofuxtogive and will keep on reppin’ that 305 in the seats that he paid for.

Laurence is a workers compensation lawyer and is not revealing the amount he spends per year on these grand sporting events, but does conclude that its “A LOT OF MONEY” and that since he has no wife or kids, all that extra money he has allows him to splurge. He has bought tickets to major sporting events for years now. 27 Super Bowls, 200 NBA Playoff games and over 85 World Series games. He’s been a Marlins season-ticket holder since their inaugural 1993 season and reps for the fish and for Miami everywhere he goes.

Salutes Mr. Leavy. You sir, are ’bout that life.




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