Pincho Factory Planning On Franchising To Expedite Its Growth?

Pincho Factory's Burger Selection

Pincho Factory's Burger Selection

Their burgers (more specifically their epic Tostone Burger or their Pastelito Burger) have become a Miami staple. And now, those wonderful comfort food enthusiasts at Pincho Factory are planning to take their brand worldwide. Owners of Pincho announced that they are actively pursuing the thought of franchising out their business according to Shortlist.

The way it would work is that you’d have to have about $300K-400K in cash to invest and of that, there would be a $20,000 fee that would go to back to Pincho corporate. A portion of that $20,000 would be donated to Feeding South Florida.

So now the question here is, will turning Pincho Factory into a larger than life chain make it lose its current appeal and head towards that “manufactured” feel of other chains (ie. Friday’s, Applebees, Chipotle, McDonalds)? Founders say no because they’d stress that they’d encourage their potential franchisees to create and innovate with potential new menu items on a constant basis. Meaning, that Pastelito Burgers will not be the last of what will shock you in visiting a future franchised location of Pincho Factory.

Currently their are two locations of Pincho; one in Westchester and another in Coral Gables with a third location currently being built in Hialeah.

Photo Credit: Burger Conquest

[via Miami New Times]


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