Foster the People Nurtures and Delivers


Last night, all kinds of people — from hipsters and hippies (yes, they are different) to 11 year-olds and their moms — gathered under the chandeliers of the Fillmore to sing along to the feel good music and lyrics of Mark Foster and his people. Foster the People became a indie-pop phenomenon in 2010 when their greatest track “Pumped Up Kicks” went completely viral. Before that lead singer and all-around performer Mark Foster was a struggling musician, drug aficionado and jingle writer in Los Angeles. But he’s come a long way from the dark times and into the bright lights of music festivals SOuth b Southwest and Coachella. It’s hard to believe that Foster could have ever been a dark person in anything else besides his attire and the all black outfit with a leather jacked he was sporting — every song has some type of positive message for the people. Isn’t that was music is all about?

This was the bands debut in Miami, and in my opinion, it was perfect. From the very first song “Psuedologia,” when Foster shows us just how far he can stretch his vocals and that he’s not playing around moving into “Miss You” when he plays the keyboard like a maestro and then in “Life on the Nickel” when he busted out his glorified dance moves, you simply could not take your eyes off him, or rather you didn’t want to. Every song proved a shouting match for the audience, who sang along to every song and would chant his name in unison at the mere sign of silence. Like when Foster gave a mini-speech about the ability that music has to bring people of all background, religions and whatever else humans like to classify themselves by together. Or when unknowingly, or knowingly for him, he gave us a clue to stay for the encore by preaching about learning to love the truth. “Don’t be apathetic. You gotta work hard and you gotta love the truth,” he said. The band played all their top hits — “Helena Beat”, Houdini”, “Call it What You Want”, and of course “Pumped Up Kicks.” Homeboy even showed us he can whistle by doing so into the mic during “Pumped Up Kicks.” In perfect melody and sync to the song might we add. After “Don’t Stop” the audience didn’t want him too, so a few minutes later the band retook their proper places on stage and gave us “Truth.” Cause isn’t that what we live for, anyway?







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