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“305 Live” Showcase will go down tomorrow October 10th, 2014 live from the A3C Festival in Atlanta. Travel will be available by Charter Bus, please check www.A3CFestival.com/attend for more information.

305 Live is being curated and masterminded by Sara Corinne, the director of the event (and local publicist) with the help of a few partners and sponsors. The stage will feature a diverse representation of the Miami hip-hop community from the emerging artists to the established veterans.

Up next, we have them boys from Star Life Entertainment, Maclean (not pictured), Yung Leo, and Spacely.


So introduce yourselves and tell me about StarLife Entertainment?

MACLEAN: I go by Maclean, and SLE is a collective group of homies from high school who decided to focus on hip-hop and take over.

Yung Leo: I go by star life Yung Leo also known as “Murder Mics”, Star Life Entertainment is a power team. We are a group of brothers trying to accomplish our goals.

Spacely: Star Life is like a collective but we are family and became family in high school.

And what neighborhood of Miami/South Florida do guys you represent?

MACLEAN: I can say for myself, I rep all of SOFLO, no one particular area is one I can call my own. With that being said, SOFLO is unique cause it could be calm and sunny one second, then raining the next second. The girls have every reason to wear limited amounts of clothing, and there are so many different people from many islands, so we all mesh ideas- and lifestyles.

Yung Leo: Honestly I’m from New York but being that I’ve been here in South Florida for over six years now, it has became home to me so I do this for the whole SOFLO as well. South Florida We Up Next.

Spacely: I usually rep Opa-Locka as I was raised here and brought up within our culture here. But I love my cityyy and rep Dade County every where I go.

Can you give me a little info on what you guys are releasing in the near future?

MACLEAN: To my knowledge, my project is the next to be released. It will be titled “Signs of The Times” and I’ll be making limited edition cassettes of the project for all my old heads. Expect controversial lyrics, this project is two years in the making and is nothing more than a snapshot of my life. And a glance towards future.

Yung Leo: I’m working on an EP right at the moment, I don’t have a title for the project yet but I have some pretty fascinating features on it such as Denzel Curry, Pouya, Curtis Williams, Waka Flocka Flame & more tba.

Spacely: I’m planning to drop WeThePeople2, the 2nd installment to my first mixtape. With this one I wanna continually show that we stay working and are versatile giving all types of vibes planning to have some dope homies on there too.

What would you say are your earlier memories with hip-hop growing up in South Florida?

MACLEAN: I guess Trick Daddy..

Yung Leo: Like I said I didn’t grow up here in South Florida around my first experiences with hip hop, I was in my hometown Bronx New York, growing up & looking up to artists like 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Dipset etc. That’s where I get my northern flow from mixed with this South Florida mentality & created my own style.

Spacely: My early experiences with Hip Hop was me just growing up at my grandmothers home and seeing my older cousins listen to “Ms. Jackson” from Outkast & that one track Jigga did with Mystikal and since then i was infatuated.

So now, we’re headed to Atlanta for 305 Live…how does it feel to be a part of this event in Atlanta next month?

MACLEAN: Feels like time is complimenting us so well.

Yung Leo: I appreciate the opportunity and in my eyes I see it as a blessing. ATL is just the next step, we will continue working hard work pays off.

Spacely: Feel honored and thankful for this opportunity I wanted to be a part of something like this for some time now. When we first started i was tryna’ get us on A3C but we didnt know much and we weren’t known either seeing what grind and hardwork does is amazing.

What do you think would be the ultimate goal for 305 Live in ATL and going forward?

MACLEAN: True and lasting impressions with a broader masses and the notoriety that Miami underground rappers have been seeking for eons.

Yung Leo: The goal for A3C is to spread a message through our music, & just learn to improve.

Spacely: I believe the ultimate goal is to show everyone that our city is so talented but needs to be noticed and seen not for fame but because we have a message to spread and a city we have to put on for.

If you had to describe your style(s), how would you describe it to someone who hasn’t heard your music…basically, give me the sales pitch…

MACLEAN: Nothing more than a martyr chosen by the Most High to deliver a message to his people. A “true” artist, growing with each day, who takes from all aspects of life to write about hoping to connect with listeners.

Yung Leo: I have a lot of styles, but at the end of the day I’m just trying to bring hip hop back with northern & southern influences.

Spacely: I would say all my bros and I have several sounds we all are pretty versatile and can go on any topic or subject make a trap banger, a conscious song about truth, a smoker song whatever we feel or see is what well paint on a canvas.

Any last words?

MACLEAN: Just that SLE is just a piece to a huge puzzle that no one down here has really been able to put together, pero, things are getting clearer. Oh yeah, and as far as Maclean goes, please pay attention to my messages. Not saying you should follow me, but the spirit behind my work is one that is lacking in our community and should have light shed on it. Thank you!

Yung Leo: We taking over the game!

Spacely: Want to thank YOU guys for taking the time to get to know us giving us opportunities we are forever grateful and thankful. RIP Alejandra, shouts my team and whole family, shouts out to my momma too #StarLifeForever

Check out Star Life Entertainment and over 13 other artists all representing Miami and South Florida at the 305 Live Stage at A3C in Atlanta, going down Friday October 10th. For more information and ticket purchases, please click here


305 Live
Friday October 10, 2014 @ 10:30PM

The Department Store
467 Edgewood Ave
Atlanta, GA 30312




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