Refresh Miami A Place For Entrepreneurs and The Technologically Savvy

Refresh Miami

Refresh Miami

Techies everywhere rejoice, there is now a place and group to hone and grow your technologically savvy skills with Refresh Miami.

Refresh Miami is a non profit organization that invites all entrepreneurs and technological innovators to join into its ranks and help improve the startup and technology scene in Miami.  Refresh Miami is currently over 8,000 members strong and continues to grow by the day.

The company’s goal is to “provide the communities of South Florida with a steady stream of educational content focused on the technological and entrepreneurial communities.” Refresh Miami does this by hosting networking events, and also holding workshops and hackathons.

The events hosted by Refresh Miami are all posted on the page on their calendar, if you are interested in attending any event click on the links, which will take you directly to a summary of what the event will be about, as well as chart listing how much the tickets will be to be able to attend the event.

The next event that they will be hosting is Refresh Miami Presents: The Future of Mobile Payments. This event will be on tonight, October 7th from 6-9 pm. If you are interested in attending the event visit Refresh Miami.


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