Miami Today: Streetcars Making A Comeback In Miami?

Old School Miami Streetcar

Old School Miami Streetcar

Its obvious that with all the highway construction going on lately, traffic these past few years has been a real pain in the a**. Recently, the idea of a streetcar system in Downtown Miami resurfaced. The last time this project was in the talks was back in 2006, but then the economy kinda tanked so it was out of the question.

Marc Sarnoff, is the man behind the streetcar resurrection. He proposed the idea once again at a commission meeting early September. Right now, The Streetcar is listed as a Priority Six unfunded project with an estimate $200 million in funding needed and the vision would be to connect the system from Allapattah to Coral Gables.

This streetcar would be a local area circulator with a capacity of 130 people (100 standing, 30 sitting) and it’d be functioning at 5 to 10 miles an hour with topping speeds of 30-35 miles an hour. It’d be strapped with electrical motors and powered from wires strung about 20 feet overhead.

We’re really hoping this project pulls through, it’ll give Miami that old school swag again, and also make for really cool instagram picture/snapchat video selfie moments- #oldschoolridevibes.

[via Miami Today]


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