Miami Photographer Nick Ramirez Has Perfected The Capturing Of The Female Form – (21 Photos)



The first time I saw a Nick Ramirez photograph, I was on Tumblr and I quickly headed to all his social networks to see his work.

The work ethic shown by this young 23 year-old photographer has put time in his craft. Putting on for his city, Nick Ramirez has shown the world what he is best at.

Carrying with him his camera and having a knack of finding beautiful women and shooting them in ways showing their sensual and strong feminine traits, Ramirez is XO’s new favorite photographer. Ramirez has already done work with their clothing line, which is obviously The Weeknd’s go to gear.

Along with his attitude and demeanor, Nick Ramirez continues shooting and giving us the naughty vibes of his awesome life.

He recently went on the King of The Fall Tour alongside Abel to further document his vision (a couple photos below).

Don’t compare Nick Ramirez to Terry Richardson because this 305 guy looks like he’s been getting more models flinging at him to shoot them than Mr. Richardson himself. There’s no way around it, these ladies are going to start calling him more than just Mr. Ramirez when he steals the throne.

Click below to see some of shots.

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Instagram: Nick Ramirez

Tumblr: Nick Ramirez

Twitter: Nick Ramirez

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