Illy Issimo Took Over Downtown Miami Yesterday – Free Coffee And Smiles From Their Beautiful Baristas – (20 Photos)




Yesterday at about 8am in the morning, illy issimo took over Downtown Miami with their truck and group of five beautiful baristas. It was a “Little Italy” of sorts for commuters heading to work that passed by the truck’s outpost off of Biscayne Boulevard and for commuters hoping on and off the Metro Mover station that was nearby.

illy issimo is a delicious chilled coffee beverage and has officially launched in Miami via this surprise pop-up activation on what is known as National Coffee Day. The drink is made without artificial colors, aromas, flavors or preservatives. Illycaffè devoted more than 10 years to take its unique blend of authentic Italian coffee from barista to bottle, from hot to cold, without compromising its quality.

#WakeUpgrade with #illyissimo

About illy
Illycaffè is the world’s finest coffee and a leader in quality, innovation and technology. The storied coffee brand is a third-generation Italian company based in Tristese, Italy. Since its founding 80 years ago, illycaffè’s mission has been to bring the best product nature can offer to coffee lovers. Illycaffè produces and markets a unique blend of coffee and gives coffee lovers an authentic Italian coffee experience. Illy is available in more than 50,000 cafes, coffee bars, restaurants and hotels worldwide, and is sold in over 140 countries around the world, serving more than six million cups of illy coffee per day. For more information:

About illy issimo
illy issimo is a joint venture between Illycaffè and The Coca-Cola Company focused on bringing the authentic illy coffee experience to life in a ready to drink format. In its unrelenting quest for perfection, illy devoted more than 10 years to create an expert formula to take its unique blend from barista to bottle, from hot to cold, without sacrificing or compromising its quality. Using high quality ingredients with no artificial colors, aromas, flavors or preservatives, illy issimo is pure in ingredients and honest in flavor. The single perfect illy issimo blend, created by nine ingredients of premium Arabica beans from 14 coffee-growing regions around the world, undergoes 114 quality control steps before any bottle of illy issimo is ever packaged, opened or served. The result: illy issimo – the best illy coffee taste – on the go. Due to the growing demand for quality coffee and convenience, illy issimo is now expanding across the US, launching in new markets and spanning coast to coast.


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