305 Interview With Jigg — Discusses 30504 EP, High Grade 3, Derick G, #305LiveA3C, and more



“305 Live” Showcase will be on October 10th, 2014 live from the A3C Festival in Atlanta. Travel will be available by Charter Bus, please check www.A3CFestival.com/attend for more information.

305 Live is being curated and masterminded by Sara Corinne, the director of the event (and local publicist) with the help of a few partners and sponsors. The stage will feature a diverse representation of the Miami hip-hop community from the emerging artists to the established veterans.

Over the next two weeks leading up to the festival, we will be bringing you exclusive interviews with all of the artists involved with the show.

And up next is the super-talented Jigg, who has a joint EP coming up with Chase N. Cashe called 30504 and due out soon. Read the interview below…


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Introduce yourself…

Jigg: I am an artist that’s consistently working hard at bringing my music and brand to the masses because I feel a can fill a void of quality product in this business. I’m currently finishing up the third and last installment of my HighGrade series (HighGrade 3) and for those not too familiar with me, I dropped three previous tapes HighGrade, Spittaduction which was a freestyle tape hosted by Don Cannon and the big homie DJ Drama put his blessings on it and did the intro. After that I released HighGrade 2 all of which was executed produced by DJ Folk who plays a big role in all my projects, congrats to him too because he just got an album credit on Jeezy’s new lp for the placement of “Holy Ghost”.


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And what neighborhood of Miami you represent?

I’m was raised in Liberty City and the uniqueness about it is that I’ve been to a lot of different cities but it’s a certain vibe you get from Liberty City that you don’t get anywhere else. It’s that where a lot of monumental Miami music and Miami things were started and bred from. Legends like Uncle Al to underground radio stations etc etc…its just different (in my Jay-Z voice, ha!).


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You recently started pushing with Chase N. Cashe for a joint project, how did that situation come about?

DJ Folk is a mutual friend of ours so he put me onto Chase’s music and production and vice versa. He came to Miami for Art Basel and we linked back then. Then when I was in the N.O. for NBA All Star Weekend, we linked again. He came back to Miami and we went to the studio to vibe nand for me to check out his beats. He played beats and we kept coming up with hooks and songs back to back organically. The chemistry was on point and he mentioned the EP idea and I was down. Shouts out to him to because in this biz, a lot of people be on their high horse or show fake or temporary love – so he slid thru the Yayo and showed love and we made it happen. When he came back, we shot the first video off the EP “True Or False”, which came out crazy. I also flew out again to New Orleans to shoot the second video off the EP “Mad At Me”. So make sure you check out both of those visuals and peep the joint EP entitled “30504” when its released.


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Till this day, we think you’re one of the most talented artists down here. What would you say is a pretty dope story or memorable event or story in your career thus far?

I appreciate that. And it’s probably getting a call from a top executive in the game who’s responsible for multiple platinum selling artists and one of my favorite artists. He called me on the phone telling me how much he was impressed by my music, but more by my work ethic and how I was able to come this far without a big team. He let me know that I have what it takes to be next to the top artists in the biz. That really stood out to me. If you check out Spittaduction I say the person’s name in a song too (lol).


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You’re very hands on with your projects and even started directing as of recent, have you ever tried your hand at production?

Not too much, the most I’ve done was give producer ideas on what I was looking for or helped with the structure of the beat and where certain instruments should go, but I,ma leave that to the pros (lol).


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Can you tell us what projects, videos and etc you have coming up (including with Chase N. Cashe)?

Well like I said earlier, the 30504 EP is bout to drop any day now. Then right after I’m world premiering the first video off of HighGrade 3 which is already done that I can’t wait for everybody to see,. Its super dope ish and then I’ma put out my best body of work to date which is HighGrade 3, which I’ve been working really hard on making sure people get the best from me.


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We need to see Jigg and Derick G reunion like asap, the videos you guys used to do were classic….!

Ha. I appreciate that. Anything’s possible and that’s the homie. I have a lot of respect for him as a person and for his brand. He’s definitely gonna be mentioned when you name the best photographers, if he’s not already mentioned. We made history together and he shot my first video ever, which was also his first music video that he directed with an artist too (“HighGrade”). We then did 3 after that (“Role Play”, “Now You Know”, and “Rockin Wit”), Ima reach out to him though, maybe you will see the visual reunion of me and Derick for a video off HighGrade 3.


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Can you tell us what your earliest Miami hip-hop memory was growing up?

Umm, I can’t pinpoint one specific moment. I just remember the block parties that me my dawgs would crash every weekend looking for girls as a shorty with the DJs on the mic jamming with the big speakers shutting down the block and everybody vibin’ until someone started shooting in the air (lol). That’s usually how 90% percent of the parties ended in the city. It was wild but fun at the same time in a crazy way. But those block parties gave every kid growing up that feel of Miami music.


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So with 305 Live, how important is it to be part of this show?

It’s a great event and I’m glad to be apart of it because I’ve been to A3C before and for it to have Miami representation for the first time with our own showcase in Atlanta and for me to be apart of that, is dope. So I’ma make sure I put in a great performance and bring people to my world.


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What do you think would be the ultimate goal for 305 Live in ATL and going forward?

For people who previously were not too familiar with artist coming out of Miami’s music scene to become fans and spread the word about great music and artists coming out of the city.


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Last random and I’ll let you go. What’s your opinion on a “best kept secret in Miami”?

Blueprint barbershop is where you need to get ya’ haircuts from. Its across the street from Miami Dade North Campus. S/O the homies Matt and Joe. And s/o to my dawg Ray and all the success he’s having with 8and9…we go way back. And much love to all my supporters and everybody who wants me to win!


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Any last words?

The 30504 ep with the homie Chase N. Cashe is about to hit the streets with some new flavor so be on the lookout. And also be on the lookout for the world premiere of the first video off #HighGrade3 that is dropping shortly after which is executed produced by Dj Folk will be nothing short of greatness with production from Cardo, The Beat Bully, Cardiak and much more so spread the word!!!!



Check out Jigg and over 13 other artists all representing Miami and South Florida at the 305 Live Stage at A3C in Atlanta, going down Friday October 10th. For more information and ticket purchases, please click here


305 Live
Friday October 10, 2014 @ 10:30PM

The Department Store
467 Edgewood Ave
Atlanta, GA 30312




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