Sneaker Pimps Miami Takes Over Grand Central with #CoorsLight, Cam’Ron, Scrilla, Derick G, Sneakerbox Clyde, DJ Craze, more – (48 Photos)



Sneaker Pimps Miami Takes Over Grand Central with #CoorsLight, Cam’Ron, Scrilla – (48 Photos)

Photos by Dro Photography

Another edition of Sneaker Pimps is officially in the books. The event, which was sponsored by Coors Light, took place at the legendary downtown Miami venue Grand Central. Featuring vendor tables from local and national brands alike, Sneaker Pimps has transformed their Miami event to more of a party than a “sneaker exhibition” of years past. And headlining the festivities were Dipset rep and Harlem native, Cam’ron – along with Broward mainstay Scrilla.

We took over the event along with a couple other influencers in the scene handpicked by Coors Light: Derick G, Sneakerbox Clyde, Yes Julz (with the epic Florida charm and chain pose in the photo above), Norma Now and model Kattya Heredia. We all had a great time vibin’ and capturin’ the event via Instagram and other social platforms.

Also in the crowd, we saw DJ Craze, Anonyms-1, DJ Dai-Lo, Sire Esq and others. Oh, and a big shout out to Sam from Bird Club Clothing and Felix from Cool J’s.

Check out all the photos from the event by clicking below.

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sneakerpimps-miami-2014--7810 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--0087 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--0118 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--0133 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--0149 IMG_8219

Des & Daniela Candela

sneakerpimps-miami-2014--0238 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--0427


sneakerpimps-miami-2014--0501 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--0509

DJ Craze (middle), Craze’s wife and @RokTheSpot


sneakerpimps-miami-2014--7909 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--7977 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8033 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8060 IMG_8116

Omar S., Angela Ayala and friend


Punch, Sire, Om, Anonyms, Soarse and DZA


Dade Wear fam

sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8205 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8237 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8251 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8268 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8273 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8279 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8304 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8325 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8436 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8475 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8490 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8518

Yes Julz, Norma Now and Derick G

sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8522 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8530 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8551 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8569 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8586

Derick G

sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8605 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8610 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8617 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8621 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8777 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8808 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8817 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--8855 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--9003


sneakerpimps-miami-2014--9147 sneakerpimps-miami-2014--9233


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