EVENT – Tonight, Turn Up With SkunkApeGang @ The Nest

Skunk Ape Show @ The Nest Downtown Miami

Skunk Ape Show @ The Nest Downtown Miami


An event tonight with SkunkApeGang at The Nest. Follow them on Twitter for more info @SkunkApeGang305

Description Bio: The Skunk Ape is a hominid cryptid said to inhabit the Southern United States, Known for haunting Florida. It is named for its appearance and for the unpleasant odor that is said to accompany it. According to the United States National Park Service, the skunk ape exists only as a local myth.[2] Reports of the Skunk ape were particularly common in the 1960s and 1970s. In the fall of 1974, numerous sightings were reported in suburban neighborhoods of Dade County, Florida, of a large, foul-smelling, hairy, ape-like creature, which ran upright on two legs.

The Nest
60 NE 14th St
Miami, FL 33132
(786) 766-2411


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