RUMORS: Pusha T Sued By Cameo Nightclub For Breaking Exclusivity Agreement By Appearing At Dream Nightclub

Pusha T Sued By Cameo Nightclub

Pusha T Sued By Cameo Nightclub

Pusha T was in town last month for the EBC Rucker Park South Beach Invitational and in turn had a party booked for Saturday August 16th at Cameo Nightclub to serve as host. Cameo Nightclub claims that Pusha was advertised to be part of a party at neighboring Dream Nightclub the night before as part of the EBC South Beach Invitational.

And with that said, Cameo mentioned that as part of their deal with Pusha, their agreement banned him from appearing at any other clubs within 30 miles of Miami-Dade County within 15 days before or after his Cameo hosting appearance. The Dream Nightclub appearance was a day before. They also state that this ordeal cost them $13,000 in sales because their patrons tend to not want to come see a host two nights in a row.

Our opinion? This is is the most ridiculous shit ever. We hope this is some fabricated TMZ rumor or 6-month late April Fool joke. 95-99% of the people going to hip-hop clubs could care less who the host is. Not sure why Cameo (ie. Opium Group) would risk burning their relationship with Pusha over a bad night of bottle sales. There has to be another issue at hand here.

Let’s see how this plays out.

Source: TMZ

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