PLV88 Stays Exposing the Real



PLV88 clothing is a clothing brand revolved around its acronym that means People Love Vanity founded by Jahrue based in Miami. We know how much people can get caught up in high fashion here in Miami with the glamour heating peoples esteem.

PLV88, through their art, want us to pop out our own jealous eyes on luxury and go off in their clothes to keep us woke in our own obsession giving us an interesting paradox. A crack in the system is what they’re offering and that comes with some simple pieces ranging from hats to lighters and T-shirts.

Their  visuals have also been spot on and one of them features the sexy embodiment of the perfect Miami lady we have come to know as Iesha Marie Miami made with Latin roots as you can see here.

PLV88’s latest release is their 88 vain line which you can check out here.  Be sure to keep an eye on this brand because it’s one hard to resist.

More info:

Instagram: jahrue

Source: PLV88



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