Hashtag – FIU Booty Grabber

Screenshot of FIU booty grabber alert
FIU booty grabber alert via text

Screenshot of FIU booty grabber alert

So… apparently, there was a guy getting frisky on the FIU Modesto Maidique Campus the other day. FIU students received emails, phone-calls and even text messages alerting them of the little pervert prancing around on a bike getting some un-welcomed action.

Now, the touching of an individual (whether male or female) without consent is something that is not condoned by any means.

But ladies, reporting this guy to the FIUPD not only ย gave light to the ridiculously funny-worded text sent out – it made this guy Twitter and Instagram meme famous! Again, this behavior is not accepted nor condoned but – to the still mysterious #FIUbootygrabber : C’mon bro! look but don’t touch!

Read the text sent out in the image above a couple times, sorry but it’s a good laugh. Have a bootyful day, Panthers.


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