305 Interview With Prez P – Discusses North Miami, #305LiveA3C, and more

Prez P Interview for 305 Live

Prez P Interview for 305 Live

“305 Live” Showcase will be on October 10th, 2014 live from the A3C Festival in Atlanta. Travel will be available by Charter Bus, please check www.A3CFestival.com/attend for more information.

305 Live is being curated and masterminded by Sara Corinne, the director of the event (and local publicist) with the help of a few partners and sponsors. The stage will feature a diverse representation of the Miami hip-hop community from the emerging artists to the established veterans.

Over the next few weeks leading up to the festival, we will be bringing you exclusive interviews with all of the artists involved with the show.

And up first is the super-talented Prez P.


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So introduce yourselves and give me a quick summary of your life and career…

Prez P: Prez P, I’ve been putting music out since 2010 with Da Camp and I’ve been on somewhat of a solo run for the last few years dropping mixtapes, EP’s, albums and collaboration projects within Miami in the underground scene.


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And what neighborhood of Miami are you from?

I’m from North Miami. It’s unique there. Everyone is like family for real, it’s full of Haitian culture similar to Lil Haiti but with it’s own spin to it. It’s a hood full of hustlers.


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You released an EP with Young McFly that was not only so Miami but it was just put together so greatly. How did that project come about, how long did it take to record, how was the creative process with McFly?

Me and McFly always wanted to work together but things had to be perfect. When I told him how many other projects I had lined up with other producers, it was only right that we did one together. The recording process wasn’t hard at all because we have good chemistry and enjoy a lot of the same sounds. Recording sessions were cool…there was always good bud and even better vibes involved. I think it took us two months to get it all done.


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What’s your next immediate project you have coming out?

“Carrera Music” all produced by Nuezism is up next.


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I always wondered, how did the whole MTV “Get In The Game” appearance with Sway, Raekwon & Ab-Soul and etc happen? How did you end up on there?

Sway was tweeting people to post videos with the hashtag “#GetInTheGame” and two of my videos caught the eye of one of the producers from Rapfix who contacted me through DM on Twitter and the next day literally I was having the skype session with them.


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If you had to describe your style(s), how would you describe it to someone who hasn’t heard your music…basically, give me the sales pitch…

My style is real laid back so if you’re stressed or want to get away from the regular, my music can always help.


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So with 305 Live at this year’s A3C, how important is it to be part of this show?

It’s serious because Miami doesn’t have much festival presence besides a few artists being out at A3C yearly. This year though we have a whole stage dedicated to us. We have the chance to show and prove and make a statement. I know we will.


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What do you think would be the ultimate goal for 305 Live in ATL and going forward?

The ultimate goal would be for South Florida to never be overlooked again. We’ve been working for years down here to build our culture and now that it’s being recognized outside of our state, I would hope that it keeps spreading further and we get more recognition from outside festivals and even out of the country hip hop festivals too.


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Random question…what’s the best kept secret in Miami…?

The best kept secret in Miami has to be the budding rap/hip hop scene that’s been brewing down here over the last four years. It’s growing bigger and bigger with each event and it’s sky’s the limit because what we’re doing down here is something brand new and fresh.


Check out Prez P and over 13 other artists all representing Miami and South Florida at the 305 Live Stage at A3C in Atlanta, going down Friday October 10th. For more information and ticket purchases, please click here


305 Live
Friday October 10, 2014 @ 10:30PM

The Department Store
467 Edgewood Ave
Atlanta, GA 30312




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