10 Miami Locations Where Miami Vice Was Filmed Since It Debuted 30 Years Ago Today



Since September 16 is the show Miami Viceโ€™s 30th Anniversary, Foursquare has pulled together a few tips left by their users on top places of where the epic show was filmed back in the ’80s.

Here are the top ten responses…


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East Side Pizza
731 NE 79th St.

This was the burger place where Stan Switek and Larry Zito meet Noogie in Miami Vice!


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Bayside Marketplace
401 Biscayne Blvd

The shopping center was frequently featured in the popular TV series Miami Vice.


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Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
3251 S Miami Ave

The villa here was featured quite a few times in Miami Vice. Check out the episodes “Whatever Works,” “Tale of the Goat,” “French Twist,” “God’s Work,” “The Rising Sun of Death,” “Heart of the Night”.


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Jerryโ€™s Famous Deli
1450 Collins Ave

This spot was shown as Kobekai Club and Warsaw Ballroom in several episodes of Miami Vice


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Miami Tower
100 SE 2nd Street

Look familiar? That’s because this famous building is featured in the opening credits of Miami Vice.


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Club Deuce
222 14th St

The writers from Miami Vice used to hang here and the neon they installed for an episode still works.


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Cameo Nightclub
1445 Washington Ave

Check out the Miami Vice pilot — Cameo “Theater” makes a special appearance!


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The Carlyle Cafรฉ
1250 Ocean Dr

The two women in swimsuits in the Miami Vice opening credits? They’re walking out of The Carlyle. Also seen in several episodes!


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Miami-Dade County Courthouse
73 W Flagler St

Spotted: Miami-Dade Courthouse in the opening credits + many episodes of Miami Vice.


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Atlantis Condominiums
2025 Brickell Ave

Catch a glimpse of this building on Miami Vice’s opening credits! Plus, bonus sightings on episodes “Hit List” and “Viking Bikers from Hell



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