Not Exactly Human: “Belated Summer Deliveries” 2014 Lookbook

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NEH: Belated Summer Deliveries

Not to be confused with the Ishirō Honda-directed Half Human (unfortunately curated by Toho Film’s Godzilla production team), the Not Exactly Human fella’s we have here are exactly the type of creative degenerates you look for when you are trying to find happiness in the darkest sectors of hell we sometimes refer to as real-life (utterly shocking, we know).

Taking the ‘better late than never’ expression quite literally, Not Exactly Human (NEH) offers to us their sincerest apology with the deliverance of their official Late-Summer 2014 lookbook, which is appropriately titled “belated summer deliveries”. Highlighting a total of two shirt designs, NEH seeks to inspire through the use of charismatic film snapshots (reminiscent at times of retro Miami) and wacky edits (showcasing more of the youthful side of things).

Before you quake at the fact that we are already in the Fall season, appreciate the street fashion we have here as art: picturesque, free-flowing, with incredible attention to detail, the garments reflect everything you would want to envision in a ½ human, ½ amazing establishment. NEH wanders a thin line between passion and restraints of sensibleness, but it all comes together delightfully in a way that resembles a magazine, considering it’s the actual format that distinguishes such a creation from being just a random assortment of images.

More details on the release can be extracted from the NEH twitter account, but do expect the tee’s to surface later on in the week. As for all the youngin’s who simply cannot get enough cotton, get your parent’s credit cards ready… although PayPal should also suffice until Apple Pay becomes the norm or something (scandal waiting to emerge, gotta’ love it!).

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