Miami’s Gil Green Takes On The #ALS Challenge A Little Differently…Plans To Make A Film About The Disease Via This Kickstarter Campaign


Gil Green takes on the ALS challenge craze in a different way. Rather than throwing an ice bucket on top of himself, he wants to make a film entitled Who Is Lou Gehrig? about the disease inspired by a friend of his by the name of Jeff Fogel that has been affected by it.

The film will be an uplifting film to not only show a beautiful story written by Gil, but tell the life story of Jeff and to spread awareness about those living with the disease. You even have support by the Miami Heat’s Udonis Haslem who will be making his acting debut in the film. Gil started a Kickstarter campaign and is looking for all the help he can get to raise the $60,000 to make the film come to life.

Below is his story and inspiration for the film:

To My Friends & Family. If you’re receiving this email, you’re probably already familiar with my work in the music and sports industry but I want to share my newest project with you. I’ve written a film about my good friend Jeff Fogel who was diagnosed with ALS and still manages to coach several youth basketball and football teams.

The film, entitled ‘Who Is Lou Gehrig?’ blurs the line of reality and imagination as Jeff mentally achieves simple tasks such as eating a plate of food or driving to the supermarket as Olympic style challenges.

I’m so excited to announce that The Miami Heat’s very own Udonis Haslem will make his acting debut on the set of my movie, as well as a couple more surprise South Florida athlete appearances. Our Kickstarter has amazing rewards available including signed basketballs from UD, 305 Films t-shirts, Walk on rolls in the movie, Heat Tickets and more.

It is imperative that we make this film as soon as possible. Jeff’s condition is constantly deteriorating and because he is cast to play himself, this film is a race against the clock.

We need to raise $60,000 to shoot the film. Any funds raised over our initial goal will be donated to the ALS Recovery Fund, a local charity committed to creating public awareness, promoting research and education and raising funds for South Florida’s patients care and research for a cure for ALS.

To learn more and help support the film, visit our campaign page at .

Every dollar donated matters. We can’t do this without your help and support…Let’s make a movie together!!


Gil Green



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