The Lindgren House, Built In 1912, Located On SW 137th Avenue and 193rd Street – (Photos Inside & Out)


Lindgren House in SW Miami Dade off SW 137th Avenue and SW 193rd StreetPhoto Credit: Michael Fernández / DBM

If you’ve ever driven down SW 137th Avenue in Southwest Miami-Dade towards the SW 200th Street and Eureka Drive areas, then you’d seen The Lindgren House. Its this wood frame house along this super narrow tail of SW 137th Avenue where this very dangerous tree along the edge of the road right in front of the house. The name “Lindgren” should also be familiar because its what SW 137th Avenue is also named (ie. Lindgren Road).

The house was built in 1912 by John Lindgren, a native of Sweden, claimed a homestead in the area by 1903. Near the house was an 18-acre citrus grove that John put together through the years up until his dying days. Alvin Lindgren, one of John’s sons, invented the scarifying plow that pulverized the rocky soil and made it easier to plant crops and roll the soil flat for roads. The invention revolutionized farming in South Dade at the time.

The Lindgren House itself sits on 5.41 acres and features a detached 2-car garage as well. Click below for a few photos taken during the house’s most recent listing and its posting via Historic American Properties.










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