In SMH News, A Flight From Miami-To-Paris Was Diverted Over Reclined Seat Arguement, Arrests Made



Earlier this week, there was a flight from Newark to Denver that was diverted over two passengers arguing over a seat recline “ethics”. Long story short, a man used a “knee defender” device that prevents the person in front of you from reclining their seat and that flight ended up with that man getting water tossed in his face and that flight never making it to Denver with a stop in Chicago.

Now, another incident. Wednesday night on a flight from Miami to Paris, a flight was diverted to Boston after a similar incident occurred.

Passenger Edmund Alexandre became upset after a woman reclined the seat in front of him and became unruly. Two undercover federal air marshals then had subdue Alexandre and the flight was diverted to Boston where he was then arrested and later released.

The things people do for their personal space on flights…lol.

Source: Mashable


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