We Hate Posting Controversial Stuff, But Here’s A Pretty Thought Provoking Blog Post By PETA About The Miami Seaquarium….



We really try to stray away from controversial stuff and those Facebook type articles with that Infowars type of tone, but this is a pretty interesting perspective about Lolita and the Miami Seaquarium. We warn you though to please not get too swayed by the article and do your own research and fact-checking before concluding how you feel after reading the article. Hell, we should do some fact checking  before posting, but I figured it might draw up some discussions and some thoughts among readers of the site no matter what side of the issue you stay in.

The article was posted and sponsored by PETA…it brings up some pretty cringing points about the conditions Lolita the killer whale has faced for over four decades of captivity including a point about the tank that Lolita is in “allegedly” being the smallest Orca tank in the U.S.


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