The Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper rejects a full-page ad trolling LeBron by LeBatard & Friends



Started from an idea on The Ticket morning show, Dan LeBatard and friends proceeded with the notion to buy a full page ad in the The Cleveland Plain Dealer to troll LeBron for not thanking Miami Heat fans.

A mock-up of the ad would have simply said “You’re Welcome, LeBron” with an image of the two rings LeBron got while in Miami and signed “Miami Heat fans”.

The ad that costs anywhere between $12,000 to $90,000 would have appeared in either a Weekday (cheaper of course) or the Sunday edition of the paper and the paper respectably and politely denied the request put in by LeBatard and friends.

“They have declined our money,” LeBatard said. “They do not want our money. They will not allow us to put our ad in the paper.”

LeBatard also said during his show that part of the reason he wanted to buy ad space in The Plain Dealer was because LeBron James has yet to publicly thank Miami Heat fans.

LeBatard said his show was also attempting to buy a full-page advertisement in The Akron Beacon-Journal.

Source: The Plain Dealer

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