Its Been Real LeBron…Thanks For The Memories



LeBron James as you know decided to take his talents back home to Cleveland. We picked a helluva day to take a beach day, but hell, we needed it after a stressful couple of weeks.

LeBron broke his silence via a heartfelt letter as told to Sports Illustrated. It was a perfectly written letter. I mean, can you really hate on him for wanting to go back home?

Yeah there were rumors about he and his team being upset with the way they were treated in Miami by Riles and crew, but we’ll never know whether that’s true or not really. And it doesn’t matter at this point.

All you can do now is be grateful for the past four years LeBron and the Heat organization gave to Miami.

If you were one of the “few” that did actually appreciate every minute of the LeBron era in Miami, then you should not have not even ONE bad thing to say about King James. I feel those that are salty about his decision are probably the same ones that left Game 6 of the Finals in 2013 early and probably left Game 4 of the Finals in 2014 early. You’re salty because you didn’t appreciate what you had.

Lots can be learned from this but we’ll leave that for next week and beyond. Lets just hope LeBron truly gets that happiness he seeks and that the Heat do all they can to stay relevant and stay as a playoff contender.

Monday…will be a LeBron tribute day on Top 20 LeBron In Miami moments and much more. We’ll always remember what he did for our city and I’ll personally remember and stay grateful for the opportunity his team gave me to work with them and their organization for a little while during their stay.

Ayo…Stay classy, Miami.


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