We Will Be Seeing Ken Jeong & Olivia Munn In Miami A Lot More….They Join Cast Of Ride Along 2 With Ice Cube and Kevin Hart



So, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart struck it good with their original Ride Along film that made $153 million worldwide on a $25 million budget.

Well, of course you know a sequel HAD to be in the works. And lucky for us in Miami, it will be filmed (at least mostly) in our city throughout the summer. So not only will we see Ice Cube chillin’ in Miami, but we will definitely be seeing Kevin Hart a lot more.

Another two faces we will be seeing more is our favorite person ever…Ken Jeong (above)….and our favorite mixed German and Irish mixed Asian female…Olivia Munn (pictured below).

The character Jeong will play is akin to “Joe Pesci’s scene-stealing third wheel in 1980s classic Lethal Weapon 2.” Jeong’s role is “a cocky computer hacker who fancies himself a ladies man but who also is key in solving the case that Cube and Hart are working on.” The role certainly sounds like one Jeong would use to pull focus. Apart from his breakout role in The Hangover, Jeong is known for popping up as kooky characters in all kinds of comedies and as a regular and off-the-wall character on NBC’s (now Yahoo’s) Community.

And Munn…she will play the love interest of Ice Cube’s character of course. 

The current theatrical release is set for January 15, 2016, which would be Martin Luther King Day weekend – also the release date weekend for the original weekend.

Source: Wall Street CS




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