Dwyane Wade & Udonis Haslem Opt-Out Of Miami Heat Contracts….Chris Bosh Expected To Do The Same Soon



Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem have decided to opt out of their contracts in unison and in expected fashion. Both will most likely work on longer term deals that guarantee them more money in the long run, but allow the Heat to pay them less for the immediate future to save a little room with the salary cap.

Agent Henry Thomas confirmed that both Wade and Udonis Haslem have informed the Heat of their opting out. But he also confirmed that Bosh is “undecided”, but is fully expected to follow.

This all puts more attention towards the Miami Heat becoming the frontrunners for LeBron James. However, reports and rumors keep flying around that James is seeking a max five-year contract. Though, we can’t really attest to that being true nor what LeBron’s intentions truly are.

Pat Riley’s statement, on the opt-outs by Wade and Haslem: “Today we were notified of Dwyaneโ€™s intention to opt-out of his contract and Udonisโ€™ intention to not opt into his contract, making both players free agents. Dwyane has been the cornerstone of our organization for over a decade, and we hope he remains a part of the Heat family for life. Udonis has been the heartbeat of this team for 11 years. He has sacrificed countless times to make this organization successful, and he is the epitome of what this organization stands for. We look forward to meeting with Dwyane and Udonis and their agent in the coming days to discuss our future together.”

Source: Miami Herald

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