Miami Police Chief Threatening Critical Mass Miami By Calling It “Critical Mess” + Tomorrow’s Route Map Revealed


criticalmassmiamiPhoto: Transit Miami

Manuel Orosa, who is the Miami Police Chief, called the monthly Critical Mass Miami event a “Critical Mess”. He also added that some of the forward organizers could be held liable if the ride continues in the fashion that it has. But the problem is that there’s no true one entity that is the organizer since its a sorta-kinda spontaneous event.

The event brings in thousands of cyclists that meet at the Government Center metrorail station and follow a route around the central Miami area. But some residents, drivers and officials have complained that the gathering is breaking all sorts of laws and etiquettes of the road. Miami Police still haven’t determined whether they will begin citing cyclists, but are strongly considering the action tomorrow night.

This month’s route map was released and you can check it out below, via the Miami New Times.



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