LeBron Opts Out Of Miami Heat Contract…



But LeBron James’ agent Rich Paul has notified the Miami Heat that he will exercise his early termination option and opt-out of his contract six days before the June 30th deadline. He will officially become a free agent as of July 1st. Rich Paul confirmed the breaking news to USA Today.

Calm down ya’ll. Before you start yelling and hollering and hopping off the bandwagon, this really doesn’t mean anything yet. This just puts LeBron in place to explore his options and give teams enough time to present their cases. It even gives Pat Riley and crew some time to organize their thoughts and sales pitches.

The contract could have originally gone till the 2016 season, but opting out now gives LeBron a chance to hear out other opportunities from other teams.Β He stood to make $20 million next season and then another $22.7 million if he continued through the 2016 season.

The Heat is on. Let’s see where this develops.

Source: USA TodayΒ 


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