Enjoy Your New Park Miami — Museum Park Officially Opened Up In Downtown – (20 Photos)



Museum Park was a project that was 14 years in the making and this past Saturday the park opened for business officially. Tons of families and local residents of that Biscayne Boulevard sector came to enjoy their new waterfront park…officially.

The 21 acre park is still a work in progress with future additions like a beach area and restaurant, but its a great step to preserve a wonderful green area in the historic Miami downtown area. This of course comes on the heels of the park being taken out of the running for a future site of Beckham’s soccer stadium. The opposition for the stadium was clearly felt with protestors at the park and the signs hanging off the balconies of the apartments that overlook the park.

An attraction that was at the park this weekend was the U.S. Coast Guard’s “America’s Tall Ship.” The ship and crew were offering free tours of the ship to visitors and is still docked in the boat slip until Monday evening.

And on a side note, if you’re planning on visiting the park and do not live in the Downtown Miami area, the parking area that holds 40 parking spaces will open on Tuesday morning.

Check out 20 photos we took of the newly minted park. Enjoy it Miami.

Photos By Dro Photography

IMG_8836 IMG_8841 IMG_8846 IMG_8850 IMG_8856 IMG_8861 IMG_8867 IMG_8872 IMG_8877 IMG_8892 IMG_8904 IMG_8910 IMG_8920 IMG_8931 IMG_8939 IMG_8967 museum-park-panorama


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