Dwyane Wade Fined $5,000 For Flopping In Game 2 – (Gif Included)



Dwyane Wade caused himself some CRAZY ruckus a couple night ago with the major flop against Manu Ginobili (gif below). Everyone had harsh words for numba’ 3 and some even went on to joke that Gabrielle Union just took a loss in the acting skills department after that flop.

Well, the league decided to hand Wade a $5,000 fine for the shenanigans becoming the fifth instance of a flopping fine during this year’s playoffs joining Pacers’ Lance Stephenson (twice), Pacers’ Roy Hibbert and the Spurs’ Tiago Splitter.

“I saw Manu coming out of the corner of my eye to try to steal it so my only thing was to make sure he didn’t,” Wade said. “He swiped and he wound up hitting me and the ref called a foul. We move on.”

We’re sure Dwyane can afford the fine, but man, we can do without all the flopping. The NBA needs to either up the fines or impose harsher penalties like forcing players to sit out for a short amount of time if caught, etc. Either way, check the hilariousness below…

Source: For The Win

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