RUMORS: Is Publix Interested In Buying Out Whole Foods?



Publix has its organic line of products labeled as “GreenWise” products. Well, rumors have been continuing to get thrown out there into the world that Publix was interested in acquiring Whole Foods.

Imagine, two supermarket giants forming into one huge trendy supermarket giant. And maybe this would mean that Publix (and their subs, and their chicken wings) can possibly spread nationwide for the rest of the nation to enjoy.

While these are still rumors, the rumors didn’t stop wall street from reacting as late last week, Whole Food’s stock (WFM) jumped up 6.6 percent on the news.

Reps for both Publix and Whole Foods have completely denied the claims but…one can dream right? 2014 seems to be the year of Publix rumor control.


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