Tonight Is Game 2 but first…Here’s A Little Perspective on “Cramp-Gate”, The Heat Losing And An Update On The Air Conditioning



Hold your horses Internet. This series just started. Truth is, this is just the beginning. After all, it is Game 1 and for the Heat that’s usually good news. The Heat have won all three of their series when they have fallen in Game 1 of the finals. So please save all  your “The Heat” couldn’t take the heat jokes for after the finals are over because the Heat have a way of making people who speak quickly on their play look DUMB.

First things first, the AC unit has been fixed so already we’re looking at a better basketball product for Game 2.

Let’s examine the events from Game 1 and our reaction to them. I was actually pretty impressed with the Heat’s play on both sides of the ball. Their execution on defense forced San Antonio to 23 turnovers, their offense came easy by way of the three ball, and D-Wade basket attacks.  Miami shot 47% from the field and 81% from the line. Still it wasn’t good enough to wash off the mistakes committed in the fourth quarter amidst “Cramp- Gate”

The Heat were all set to start off the finals on the right foot with an impressive road win. It should have been special, overcoming the AC units that made court side 90+ degrees and putting a brief halt to those who had been dismissive of  the back to back champs. The Heat were in a hostile environment in San Antonio (who are the favorites to win the finals) and had a 7 point lead with a little more than 9 minutes left in the 4th quarter and then, Cramp-Gate happened. What followed was a 30 to  17 something run where the Spurs went from being down to ending the game with a 15 point lead while LeBron could only sit there and watch.

As LeBron asked out for a third time in a row during the culminating parts of Thursday night’s game, we had a Twitterplosion. If you don’t know what this phenomenon is I’ll explain. A Twitterplosion only takes place when something “interesting” (interesting used loosely) happens during widely televised events and the people take to twitter to voice their opinion, join the rants, and sometimes show how dumb we can be. The LeBron bashers were at large during the phenomenon, and hashtags like #LeCramp and #LeBroning trended, tweets like “Michael Jordan would of played through it” or  ” Someone give LeBron midol” were retweeted accompanied by an avalanche of creative memes accentuated the whole “kick a man while he is down theme” on Thursday night

Even Gatorade, who does Not sponsor Lebron James, got in it.

lebron cram gatorade diss

Twitter crampgate


CramPgate tweets


We are all victims of being in the moment and lacking the necessary perspective. We are too often extra reactionary to ride the “wave”. Maybe, we need to blame our never-ending  search for belonging or maybe we all just need to grow up. Because the truth is that, this trend has deteriorated our capacity for perspective given the accessibility to technology that satisfies our undying obsession with instant gratification. In turn, what transpires is thousands of people at a time riding each other further away from logic and intellect.

I’m pointing at you twitter.

I may come off as overly sensitive in this, but we are talking about the greatest basketball player of our time. Shouldn’t we be a little more civil?  LeBron is a man, a father, a husband and dare I mention again, an ENTERTAINER.

But just so that you know, there were some who understood and didn’t join the bashing parade, Who? Athletes and people who have been through it.

Marcellus Wiley tweet



Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 3.37.17 PM

After all even the almighty MJ asked out of a finals game (Game 4 of the ’97 Finals against the Jazz, also a game before the “Flu” game). His reason? CRAMPS!

GAME 2 Tonight!  8:00 PM @ San Antonio

Miami Heat

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