Luke May Have Caused A St. Louis Nightclub To Lose License Due To Offering Women $1,000 To Perform Oral Sex On Each Other



We’re a little behind on posting this story but Mr. Luther Campbell was involved an incident at a St. Louis area nightclub by the name of Sound Bar. He was hired by the club to judge a contest and Luke “allegedly” and out of nowhere offered the women that entered the contest some extra incentive to make things a little more interesting. He again, “allegedly” offered the woman $1,000 to perform oral sex on each other.

St. Louis County police officer Robert Rinck says they’ve seen the YouTube video, in which several women at the Sound Bar club came forward to perform oral sex on each other.

“There’s several offenses regarding vice and morality and liquor regulations,” Rinck says.

Rinck says Sound Bar’s liquor license could be suspended or revoked, and charges against owners of club are also being reviewed.

“This type of activity is not OK,” Rinck says. “It’s not permitted in St. Louis County and when we do come across any time of this activity occurring, we will take action as to possible prosecution.”

Rinck says once the investigation is complete, the matter will be referred to the St. Louis County counselors office for review of formal charges. The case will also be referred to the Director of Revenue for possible suspension or revocation of the club’s liquor license.

Damn Luke. Still keep the rachetness alive.

Source: CBS St. Louis

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