305 INTERVIEW: Meet Been Trill Swimsuit Model Taylor Hannum — She Keeps It Trill & She Loves Publix Subs! – (40 Photos)


Taylor Hannum, The Model From Been Trill's No Boys Allowed Shoot

Model Taylor Hannum Interview – (40 Photos)

Well, if you’ve been on any of the streetwear and men’s fashion sites over the last week or so then you most definitely saw the Been Trill and Pac Sun “No Boys Allowed” lookbook. The photoshoot featured a model that everyone was looking to track down. Well…we found her. Her name is Taylor Hannum and she’s a former 305-resident that is currently living her dreams in Los Angeles working as a model represented by Nous Models and you can follow her on Instagram at @taylorhannum_.

But we decided to reach out to Taylor to get to know her a little bit and to introduce ourselves. We learned a little bit about her experience with Pac Sun and Been Trill, her love for Miami and her love for Publix Subs. She had me at Publix Subs, bro. Plus, she took the above 305-inspired sorta-selfie for us.

Get to know the beautiful Taylor Hannum. Read the interview below…


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So, you got caused quite the stir with your work with PacSun, specifically the Been Trill No Boys Allowed shoot? How was that shoot?

Taylor: I know, crazy right?! I’ve been working with PacSun for roughly 6 months now, probably longer and I absolutely adore them. I always look forward to the days I find out I’m booked with them. James, Chelsea and Angel make it such a blast every time that actually calling it work is a stretch. We had fun with the Been Trill [shoot] specifically because we were channeling the vibe of the clothing brand which made for such a good time in the studio. I’ve heard all great things about the final product and absolutely love the images myself!


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This is so corny of me to ask…but…you most definitely keep it #trill right?

Haha! I try to keep it trill. I feel like I never put on a front, I’m just me whether you like it or not.


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What was the coolest job you’ve ever got booked for so far in your career?

Ooh that’s a tough one because I have a couple projects that top the list that I can’t speak of, but you will know so soon. I worked with amazing people and they were just wonderful experiences that I’m so thankful for. I’m so excited for you all to see!


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What are your top three goals right now for the immediate future?Β 

I feel like all of my goals are career oriented at the moment. I’m starting to dip my toes in the acting pond, so I’d love to see myself advance in that field. I of course want to continue with print work and booking another campaign would awesome. And just as a whole, to be able to collaborate and work with creative and inspirational people. There’s nothing better than feeling the fire you get when you create something unreal with a great mind.




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What’s your typical Monday morning like when you’re not booked for a shoot. Run me through a day in the life of Taylor in Los Angeles?

I’m a relatively early riser so I get up around 8am and typically walk to Starbucks to grab a coffee. And usually I’ll have castings/auditions if I’m not booked, so those take up my day from 10am-4pm, on and off. So basically I’m driving and looking for parking about 70% of the day, but if I find myself with free time in between, I’ll go catch a movie and a bite to eat. It’s one of my favorite things to do because there’s no one there to try and talk to you during the movie. It’s heaven. And then I usually end up taking a catnap for an hour at some point while watching Sex and the City reruns. I love my sleep. Then I might grab dinner later with a friend or two nearby and then call it a day around 9pm or so. I’m pretty boring, haha.


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What is your absolute favorite food in the world? Answer honestly, we won’t judge you…

I love everything, honestly. But Tex-Mex is my go-to. I’m from Texas and every time I go home, no matter what time, I stop at El Bosque and get chicken enchiladas smothered in queso with rice and refried beans with extra queso and salsa. I just die. I’m salivating just [thinking about it].


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What about In-N-Out Burger or some good ole’ fashion Texas BBQ?

Love them both!! BBQ obviously over In-N-Out, but that’s because I was raised on BBQ chicken (my dad makes the best in the world), pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, brisket and any other animal you can eat. Deer for instance. Deer is yummy!


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Whoa, Deer? Caught me off guard with that one. But I have a feeling Ms. Taylor Hannum has some skills in the kitchen? If so, whats your signature dish?

Yes 100%! However, I’m a better baker than a cook and make bomb desserts that will put you in a coma. I love to make apple pies, birthday cakes for friends and honestly any kind of item you’d find at a bakery.




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What about your background? You’re not hispanic right?Β 

I get [that] all the time along with Middle Eastern, Asian, Brazilian etc. But my dad’s side is English/Italian/Polish and my mom’s side is Spaniard/Native American/French. Mostly I just choose two of them to say to people or just say ‘yeah’ to whatever they assume because I hate rambling everything out. I’m like ‘I’m just a little mixed mutt’ haha.


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All the guys reading this are probably reading this just to know if you are happily single or happily taken?Β 



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Okay! Well, what does that future Mr. Right have to do get your attention?

I really just enjoy someone who is intellectual and can hold a hearty conversation and make me laugh, of course. Manners are important. I was raised in the south where the men open doors for women, that’s just how it is. And you gotta love Jesus! But please do not ever make a comment about my height in heels. I’m a model bro, deal with it or leave. Most importantly, don’t ask me out to lunch or dinner and then conduct ‘business’ on your phone. I will leave the table.


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I’m dying here at your “I’m a model, bro” comment…very Miami-ish. So you lived in Miami for a bit though?Β 

Yeah Miami was the first place I traveled to for modeling. I moved in Sept 2010 after one year of college. I decided to dropout and pursue my dreams. Miami ended up being my college, haha. But I absolutely loved it. You learn so much about people and the real world. It was such an eye-opening experience that I wouldn’t change for anything. I met some of my best friends there and had some of the greatest times. Miami will always have a piece of my heart.


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In another interview you did, you mentioned that Miami is THE BEST place in the world. What makes you say that and why’d you move so far away then if that was the case? You abandoned us!!!

How can anyone say it’s NOT the best place in the world?! The temperature rarely gets ‘cold’ and you have some of the most beautiful people full of love and life all around you. If you live there, it’s like you’re on a lifelong vacay. But unfortunately the opportunities weren’t there for me and I had to venture to a larger city and found myself in Cali a couple years later. It was so hard to leave!!




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What do you miss most about the “305”?

I just miss the feel of Miami. Anytime I walk off the airplane at MIA, I literally have not one care in the world. I’m just happy. And even happier about the food I’m about to eat. Go-Go’s is my number one. I would eat there everyday if I could. Pura Vida is also bomb and the Publix subs are just fuego. If I have all of those with at least one night at Catch and Wall, I’m complete.


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Well next time you’re back in Miami, we got you on the Publix Subs or anything else you need to welcome you back!Β 

Absolutely I will take you up on that offer! Thank you so much for thinking of me! πŸ˜‰

Β ————–

— Make sure you follow Taylor on her Instagram Account: @taylorhannum_. And be sure to look out for all of her future shoots and projects including her work with Pac Sun. More photos below…

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