Rick Ross Tattoos What On His Face? – (Photo)



It was an interesting Memorial Weekend, huh? So aside from the other smaller face tattoos that Rozay has, he actually tattooed “RICH FOREVER” under his bottom lip on his chin slash goatee area. He tattooed the MMG motto so you know its real.

The tattoo comes courtesy of California based tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado. Nikko’s shop Black Anchor is in Hesperia, just north west of Los Angeles. Ross actually got his tattoo done in South Florida though.

If anything, this will motivate Ross to keep making money and do everything in his power to keep from losing it because you cannot go broke with a tattoo like that. Then again, we can go all metaphorical and interpret “rich” as being rich of life, family, love and happiness. However, we have a feeling Ross’ version of Rich is ’bout them zeros in the bank account, dawg.

And words from the artist? He said “Just tattooed @richforever the man him self! “Rich Forever” under his lip. Single needle action #MMG thanks for the hospitality bro. Honored to tattoo your face.”


Sidenote: And below is a behind the scenes photo of the face tattoo in action of being done up.

rick ross face tattoo

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