2014’s Memorial Day Weekend Arrests On Miami Beach – Down By 50%



The photo above totally has nothing to do with this story but we just needed an excuse to post a throwback photo of Esther Baxter.

Either way, it looks like Operation Stomp Out Urban Weekend is finally starting to work on South Beach. The police presence, the watch towers, restaurant closings, and all the re-directing of traffic for the last 3-4 years of the Memorial Weekend on South Beach has finally paid off for the Miami Beach PD. They wanted to shut this weekend down and its starting to look like their efforts have worked as many Urban Beach goers are heading elsewhere.

I mean for Miami Beach residents its a win. I feel you, you want peace during what should be a relaxing weekend. But again, you can’t help but feel the whole “racial overtone” as the reason for the stomp out.

According to the New Times, there were a total of 191 arrests made between Friday and Sunday evening with 41 of those being felony charges.Β And last year, there were 357 arrests with 65 felonies during the same period last year. So there were definitely fewer arrests. All things aside, that’s always a positive thing. But in reality that probably means less people came to Miami Beach so that proportion is probably why the number is down.

Total Arrests: 191
Arrests by Race: 118 black males, 58 white males, 9 black females, 6 white females
Felony Arrests: 41
Felonies by Crime: 17 drugs, 15 “other felonies,” 4 battery on a police officer, 2 aggravated battery, 1 aggravated assault, one robbery, 1 “CCF”

Total Arrests: 357
Arrests by Race: 207 black males, 108 white males, 23 black females, 19 white females
Felony Arrests: 65
Felonies by Crime: 3 aggravated assault, 4 CCF, 28 drugs, 6 battery on a PO, 24 “other felonies”

One incident that did happen was of a police officer accidentally shot her weapon near 16th Street and Washington Avenue, shattering a car window. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Source: New Times


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