Oh Florida…Here Are The Top Searched Keywords In The State

Not Everything Is Flat In Florida Photo

Not Everything Is Flat In Florida Photo

Here Are The Top Search Terms In Florida…

Florida always seems to be the laughing stock of the country with countless “weird” news stories that always seem to pop up. And with countless drive thru fails and 911 phone call fails, you’d like to wonder what the top Florida search terms would be. Well, thanks to the folks at Estately, they put together a series of search queries through Google Trends and came up with the below. And surprisingly, its not as crazy as expected, but it is kinda’ weird and loads of Florida residents apparently don’t know what sarcasm is (lol) and love them some Maza Miatas. And for the rest of the states, you can click here to see.


– Alligator Wrestling

– Botox

– Eyebrow Piercing

– Hulk Hogan

– Juviderm

– Lice

– Mazda Miata


– Obamacare

– Stand Your Ground

– Swingers

– Viagra

– What is sarcasm?


Top Search Terms In Florida


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