PHOTO OF THE DAY: The All Gold Rick Ross Piggy Bank….and it costs $5,000 +



3D printed Rick Ross piggy bank. This is a couple months old but just ran into again scrollin’ through our feeds this morning. Hopefully this is a joke, but it looks like its not.

Apparently its $4,999 via TheRickyBank.Com and again, its 3D printed and available in gold, silver and black ceramic.

Description of how its made: To build “The Ricky Bank”, special 3D printers deposit small drops of glue onto layers of stainless steel powder, one layer at a time, until the bank is complete. We carefully remove these models from the printer. At this stage of the process, the objects are very fragile, similar to wet sand. The bank then goes through an infusion process that replaces the glue with bronze, creating a full metal product. The bank is then processed, sprayed with a sealant, and shipped to you.

A Biggie and Puff Daddy edition coming soon…



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