The Vibe 305 Cafe Food Truck Is Doing Good For The Community



Empowered Youth is a non profit organization based in Miami founded by Colleen Adams. And they recently caught the attention of numerous media outlets with the success of their “Vibes 305 Cafe” food truck. The truck is part of the organization’s Job Develpment Program and provides life changing opportunieities for young men between the ages of 12 to 19 years of age. Empowered Youth and Vibes 305 aim to give these teenagers on-going support, life skills programming, social entrepreneurship training and job opportunities to truly make a positive dent in their lives within the six month program via the trucks operation.

(WPLG) – The Vibe 305 is a food truck café that gives the young men a hands-on experience and provides them will a salary. “Before I was making money illegally, now I’m making it legally,” says Alex Velazquez, a participant in the program. “I want to do better in school and now have an interest in business. Every young person should be a young entrepreneur.” The young men that participate receive: 

1. Culinary training with professional chefs

2. Entrepreneurial training taught by and on campus at the University of Miami

3. Vibe 305 on-the-job training

Professionals and mentors donate time and energy to help guide all the young men in the program, but the food truck does cost money. “The Job Development Program is a lifeline to our students and graduates. It provides them a way to earn money legally that helps to support them and their families, while also training them to have a profession that can sustain them once they graduate from the program,” says Colleen Adams. “Our goal is to replace the cradle to prison pipeline with the Bridge to Opportunity Pipeline.” – WPLG

You can also mail donations for Empowered Youth and Vibes 305 to:

Empowered Youth C/O

Trinity Cathedral, 464 NE 16th St., Miami, FL 33132

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