18 Random & Very Local Things To Do In Miami During The Month Of May 2014

18 Things To Do In Miami

18 Things To Do In Miami

18 Things To Do In Miami During The Month Of May 2014

So we’re gonna try something new and if we get a good response we’ll do it monthly. 18 things to do in Miami for the month of May (for locals) in the form of a Buzzfeed list.

This first one is a little soft and typical but we’re getting our feet wet and we’ll kick it up a notch next month. Especially since its the first official month of summer in the 305.

Click below and enjoy. And if you have any tips for next month’s list, email tips@the305.com.


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Rent A Hydraulic Jetpack In Miami

Check Out Places Like Zaino Jet. Its like $200 for 30 minutes.



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Go To Marlins Park For Half Price On Tuesdays And Go With Your Parents And Only Eat Cuban Food.

You can usually pick up some decent tickets at a good price on Tuesdays. Click here for info.

Marlins Park Miami


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Go To A Local Organic Farmers Market & Cook A Meal For Your Family With Whatever You Buy. Find one here




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Volunteer somewhere for just 2 hours….it’ll cleanse your soul.

Some suggestions: Habitat For Humanities is always active and fun (and usually free food, lol) and Miami Children’s Hospital.



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Go To Sneaker Con On May 24th at the UM Campus And Buy Sneakers From A Teenager….

Yeah you’ll spend a little above retail but you’ll be encouraging a future entrepreneur in the making. More info.



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Go to Aventura Beach…and just lay there.

Quiet and less populated than its neighboring beaches down south.


(via Beach.com)


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Take Your Significant Other On A Hot Air Balloon In Homestead…

Nothing beats putting trust into your significant other and a random basket flying in the sky. Scary as hell, but beautiful especially during sunset. Click here for booking.



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People watch at Sunset Place in South Miami.

Get yourself some ice cream and just hang out and look at your fellow Miamians. Any day of the week will do.



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Go check out some old vinyl records at Yesterday & Today on Bird Road….and buy an LP.

Support the vinyl movement and one of Miami’s last remaining treasured businesses of its kind.



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Go to the USA Fleamarket with $50 cash and go on a mission to make that money last while buying as many things as possible…

You can go to the one in Liberty City, but the one in Cutler Ridge is a respectable alternative.


(via Rick N’ Kathy)


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Remember your TV that you probably don’t use anymore, turn it on, and watch NBC6 at 11AM for an hour to catch up on some local stories and at 1130AM watch 6inthemix with Roxanne Vargas. Get plugged in to the local happenings.

And if you’re at work during that time, use a service like Aereo that lets you watch local news in HD online or your phone and for a low price per month.



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Eat Jamaican Food at Clive’s Cafe in Little Haiti. Seriously, everything is good on the menu.

Pictured here is Rice & Peas, Jerk Chicken and Mac & Cheese.



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The early morning weather is perfect this time of year. Turn off your phone and get your favorite drink of choice and try to watch The Sunrise or Sunset at any of the beautiful waterfront parks in Miami. 



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Borrow A Convertible If You Don’t Own One And Drive From Cutler Bay to Brickell via Old Cutler Road.

And drive slow, homie.


(via Women Unplugged)


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Pick Any Random Weekday and Talk To 5 Strangers At “Domino Park” in Little Havana

Maximo Gomez Park – 801 SW 15th Ave, Miami, FL 33135

Miami's Cuban Community Talks Politics In Domino Park


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If you’re reading this and you’re a lifelong resident then you know that the school year is almost over. Donate some money to your old high school….they’ll appreciate it.

Pay it forward. You can afford it.



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Drive through the new Port Of Miami Tunnel (when it opens of course)

Miami’s first tunnel. Expected to open in the last week of May. And it is going to be open to the public, but possibly on a limited basis. More info soon.



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Go to an Instagram Meet Up. Like this one in Coral Gables on May 17th —>

Perfect chance to put those so called Instagram photographer skills to a test. And meet some cool people while you’re at it.

Miami Instagram Meet Up


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