NBC Cancels TV Show “Community” – No More Alison Brie and #SixSeasonsAndAMovie Is Looking Doubtful



#SixSeasonsAndAMovie is looking ever so doubtful for NBC’s Community. Arguably one of the better written comedies in the past decade or so, Community gained a cult following with star Joel McHale on the front line. And with the canceling, its future is becoming grim despite a small chance that another network may pick it up or some kind of online web platform may serve as the outlet for the next season.

The show had Β great character development (Abed, cool, cool, cool), the hotness of Alison Brie (pictured above) and Gillian Jacobs, and contributions from Ken Jeong (Mr. Chow mahdahfahkah) and Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. Plus, their themed episodes were beyond creative. But as with almost any show, you can’t bat 1000% forever. With that said, the show had a couple low points in writing and story arc building, especially during the ousting of creator Dan Harmon for a brief period there. But the paintball episodes and the lava episode should more than make you forget about those missteps.

So lets hope they find a new home for their sixth season. At the very least for a chance to see Alison Brie for 13 (or 24) new episodes.




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