In This Edition Of Our Dominican Restaurant Search…La Cocina De Rafa In Cutler Bay


La Cocina De Rafa In Cutler Bay

La Cocina De Rafa – Cutler Bay, Florida

Being that I’m of Dominican descent, I’ve made it an on-going project to document and find the latest and hopefully greatest new Dominican restaurants that pop up into the Miami area. Since everything in Miami is pretty much Cuban dominated, a Dominican-owned anything seems to get put into the backburner. And while we have posted about numerous establishments throughout the year, very few have ever passed our “quality” standards.

So in comes La Cocina De Rafa. Its a small hole in the wall type restaurant with a very informal type setting. They have all the traditional Dominican fixin’s and of course the traditional “mangu” breakfast that’s pictured above. I think you can pretty much gauge a Dominican restaurant by how they prepare and serve their mangu.

And the verdict?

The bad first. The plate above, while again, tasted great (no complaints there) and was priced decently at $5.99, the mangu was cold and little “stale” as if it was left out for a couple hours. Versus other restaurants either make it fresh or make sure that they have their mangu stirred and stabilized to preserve freshness and texture. This one was the complete opposite of that. And on top of that, the portions were really small with literally the smallest piece of “queso frito” and salami I’ve ever been served.  So in conclusion, maybe getting the mangu first thing in the morning at 7AM is the best bet to ensure you get a fresh plate and maybe paying a little extra for more cheese/salami is the way to go.

Now, the good? We also tried their mofongo, tostones, and chicharron de pollo. All tasted great. And in general, it was a nice “you’re at home” vibe that families and relaxed friends can head to for any of the food I mentioned here or even their self proclaimed “amazing” mondongo”.

So yeah. There’s a Dominican restaurant in Cutler Bay now with a nice family vibe. For convenience, this is definitely a cool spot for local Dominicans in the Cutler Bay area.

La Cocina De Rafa
19361 S Dixie Hwy
Cutler Bay, FL 33157
(786) 250-5921


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