Help Donate To Cover Joel Meinholz Medical Bills From A Recent Accident…

Joel Meinholz

Joel Meinholz

Wanted to post this in support of Joel Meinholz. He’s the guy behind #BumRushtheSpot, #ChocolateSundays at Purdy Lounge and his company @IamYourVillain. Joel suffered a serious staph infection after injuring his hand a little while ago and multiple surgeries kept him in the hospital for two weeks. To top it off, he didn’t have health insurance and now has a huge stack of medical bills to deal with.

The goal is to raise $10,000 via a campaign that his friend Ryan DeWitt set up and they’re almost half way there. Joel is definitely a huge part to Miami’s underground scene and has contributed so much to

As close friend Pancho de Pablo, AKA DJ Manuvers, says: “Joel’s been involved in the scene in Miami, the nightlife and skateboarding scene, and been very instrumental in it. I think it’s a good time for everybody to get together and help out somebody in need, as far as his hospital bills. They can go up pretty crazy without insurance.

“Joel has helped a lot of people in different walks of life from skating to music. I think it’s important for people to realize a lot of the good things he’s done. Everyone that’s encountered Joel realizes he does a lot of cool shit, from Chocolate Sundays to the Broken Shaker and the Mondrian Brunch. He looks out for a lot people and I think it’s time for everybody to look out too.”

The fund was started by Ryan as a gesture to get friends, acquaintances, and fans to donate, not only locally, but across the country. Now, inspired by the situation, Joel is looking to make his company, IAmYourVillain, into a nonprofit and start a fund for skaters who don’t have insurance. – New Times

To donate, click here.

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