McDonald’s Introducing Seasoned French Fries That You Season Yourself



Not the healthiest option, but great for the occasional treat, McDonald’s french fries are addictive. And now, the world’s biggest fast food giant is introducing french fries that you can season yourself. They are calling the new fries “Seasoned Fries” and seasoning choices include Ranch, Buffalo, and Garlic Parmesan.

But basically, you get your fries and put them in a bag, empty out the seasoning of choice and shake till they are nicely coated with your seasoning.

These fries have already existed overseas in various countries and markets, but this is the first time they’re bringing them to the United States. Right now they are testing these in a few U.S. markets, but they may unroll nationally pretty soon.

So stay tuned in case you are a Mickey Deez fry lover, then this will be a must have for you.

Source: BrandEating


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